Our Firm

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Who We Are

Kibbe & Orbe LLP has focused for thirty years on complex transactional and regulatory issues in the finance industry. We are a close-knit group of attorneys committed to delivering outstanding client outcomes. Our clients are sophisticated market participants—investors, creditors, dealers and others—who seek to deploy capital effectively while remaining sensitive to market and regulatory risk. Our clients value K&O’s hallmark blend of expertise, creativity and teamwork. They routinely turn to us for help in solving their most challenging legal issues.  

As a premier boutique law firm, we concentrate on a specific constellation of high-value legal specialties designed to serve clients operating in some of today’s most complex financial markets. Our transactional practice includes distressed loans and debt securities trading; bankruptcy and litigation claims; special situation assets; securities transactions; bankruptcy acquisitions; private debt and equity investments; derivatives; middle-market lending; litigation funding; and structured transactions. In tandem with our transactional practice, we counsel clients on a wide range of regulatory, compliance and governance issues. 

K&O is devoted to excellence. Our firm has been built to anticipate and solve the panoply of legal issues generated by complex investment businesses. Our history is one of  helping our clients enter emerging asset classes, embark on novel transactions and navigate changing regulatory environments. By its nature, our practice demands constant evolution and forward thinking. As proud as we are of our heritage, we look relentlessly to the future.

A Client-Focused Practice of Law 

K&O’s identity is the product of specific beliefs about what makes for successful lawyering and happy clients:

  • We don’t try to be all things to all people. Our practice is centered primarily on the financial markets, and we are committed to being deeply knowledgeable and skilled in that sphere. Our clients rely on us for real-time, commercially savvy transactional and regulatory counsel. Our deliberate focus ensures that each K&O attorney has the knowledge and experience to deliver confident, insightful advice in a cost-effective manner. 
  •  We provide thoughtful, hands-on advice tailored to each client’s specific needs. We offer bespoke, engaged legal advice—something that is often unavailable from densely-staffed law firms that reward business origination over careful client service. We add value by providing concise, critical analysis that helps clients make business decisions. Rather than merely identifying risks and problems, we propose solutions and identify action items. Our boutique model supports this client-focused approach. It rewards responsiveness and client satisfaction; fosters the internal sharing of knowledge and relationships; and features a lean staffing structure that brings the right legal expertise to bear on each matter. 
  •  We value each client as important and unique. We prize the quality and integrity of our client relationships, and strive to fully understand each client’s market environment, commercial goals and risk tolerance. We take care to grasp the big picture as a predicate to providing appropriately targeted legal advice. Our client base proves the fruitfulness of this attitude; many of our corporate clients have been with us for decades, and many in-house business and legal professionals have called on us repeatedly, wherever their careers have taken them throughout the market. 
  •  We produce the best client outcomes through collaboration. K&O lawyers are teammates. Our dynamic, interdisciplinary practice entails neither formal departments nor unspoken silos. This reflects the reality that our clients’ issues often resist narrow classification. We habitually draw on the varied skills of colleagues to craft creative, optimal solutions. 
  •  We are constantly evolving. Our clients don’t stand still, so we don’t either. We are committed to evolving our knowledge and skills constantly as our clients’ activities and regulatory environments change. We have a long history of exploring new legal frontiers and are excited by operating at the forefront of novel asset classes, transaction structures and regulatory developments. We work hard to help our clients “look around the corner” for new risks and opportunities. We believe our forward-thinking style of practice yields the best results—and the most fulfillment—for all concerned.   
  •  We believe diverse backgrounds and viewpoints are important. K&O lawyers have a range of life experiences, personalities and points of view. We see the practice of law as an intensely human endeavor. Embracing our differences helps us avoid blind spots and understand our clients and counterparties better.